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Isoclines thermal insulation systems

Isoclines Thermal Insulation Package Content

  • 9 m2 Canal Thermal Insulation Board (EPS/XPS)
    Dimension: 600X1250 mm
    Thickness: 30-40-50-60-70-80-90-100 mm
  • 60 pieces plastic anhors
  • 2 bags (50kg) Işıklar Flex Adhesive
  • 9 m2 Işıklar Clinker Coating Bricks
    Dimension: 215X65 mm
    Thickness : 15 mm
    Color : Red, Brown, Yellow, White, Gradient
  • 2 Bags (40 kg) Işıklar Grouting
    Color: Kremlin Red, White, Gray, Black, Brown, Beige
Advantages of Heat Insulation Systems

Provides Energy Saving

Işıklar Thermal Insulation system decreases the energy amount which is spent for the cooling and heating by preventing the warm air inside to go outside and the cold weather outside to enter inside in winter. It provides % 50-60 energy saving in the buildings. The expense made to the thermal insulation retuns within 2-3 years.

It provides aestheric appearance

Işıklar clinker coating bricks provide aesthetic appearance on building facade with alternative color and surface texture. Işıklar coating bricks forms aesthetic facades on the surfaces of the buildings with different color and pattern options.

It is long life

Işıklar clinker coating bricks which are used as the last layer material of the system, are produced from the natural raw materials. It is resistant to all kinds of the weather conditions like frost, rain etc. It is used during the life of the building.