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Anchor Mortar



IŞIKLAR ANCHOR MORTAR that is fixing mortar composing with high qualified granulometric sand, special type cement and high qualified chemical additional materials, is used at internal and external areas, steel construction, that is used to fix various elements into the concrete as basics of plants and machines; that has too strong adhesive feature, of which first and last compression resistance is high, flex and viscous, having expansion feature, non-shrink; thanks to its high level viscosity it can place itself.

  • It is used to fulfill cavities and spaces at the conjunction places of prefabricate elements,
  • At the fixing of Industrial machines’ connection elements into the basis,
  • At the conjunction places of steel elements like, bolt, pin with concrete elements.
  • At the conjunction of road and bridges and at the every kind of anchor, assembling and concrete repair works,
  • At the fulfilling of cavities at the concrete structures,
  • At the concrete jacketing, at the heads of curtain and colon.

Preparing Mortar

  • Firstly, mix the mortar as dry then pour half the IŞIKLAR Grout mortar into a cup including clean and cold water in the following rates and mix it via a mixer in low cycle or manually with towel until it reaches plastic density and then pour the rest after sieving to obtain a mixture without lumps and mix it again.
  • Use 3-4 liters water for 25 kg powder material.
  • Color : Gray
  • • Dry Unit Weight : 1400 g / liter
  • • Wet Unit Weight : 2200 – 2400 g / liter
  • • Resting time : 5 – 10 minutes
  • • Expansion : 28 days % 0,25 – 0,50
  • • Adherence Tensile Strength: > 2 N / mm2
  • E• Bending Strength : 1 days > 3 N / mm2
    7 days > 5 N / mm2
    28 days > 7 N / mm2
  • • ComPresssive Strength : 1 days > 20 N / mm2
    7 days > 40 N / mm2
    28 days > 60 N / mm2
  • • Application Temperature : + 5 °C ; + 35 °C
  • Pay attention the moulds that IŞIKLAR ANCHOR Mortar will be poured should be sound and without space. Pour the mixture material into the mould immediately.
  • After completing the mixture, pour the mortar into application area. Be sure that air bubbles in the mortar are removed completely.
  • Pay attention to apply compression sufficiently at the pouring point during the process of filling ground of basic plates to provide viscosity and it must be filled completely.
  • Pouring of mortar must be continuously; don’t use vibrator.
  • It is enough to pour at the single side to prevent air bubbling. Never apply pouring mutually at the both sides
  • It must be protected at least for 24 hours against to water loss through vaporization of open surfaces.
  • Avoid contact with eye, mouth and skin for containing cement.
  • Do not add any additives to mortar (sand, cement).
  • Do not make any applications beside specified guidelines and instructions.
  • Production date is the date stamped on the product
  • Batch and serial number is the same with the date of manufacture.
  • It should be kept in krapt bags of 25 Kg, on wooden pallets and the packing height shall be maximum 10 bags and in dry environments.
  • The bags which are not opened in appropriate storage conditions, must be consumed within 1 year as of the date of manufacture.It is recommended to consume within 1 week after opening the bag.