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Flex Pool Ceramic Mortar



IŞIKLAR Flex Pool Ceramic Tile Adhesive, ceramic tiles, marble, granite, natural stone and beteb. Used for sealing horizontal and vertical surfaces of materials, cement, chemical additives and longevity with high adhesion strength is a ceramic adhesive.


Swimming pools, water tanks, Turkish bath, sauna, ceramic in wet environments such as hot springs terrace and roof terrace, porcelain tile, granite and natural stone beteb. used in coating.


Preliminary Preparation

  • After repairing broken, cracked surfaces with Işıklar Repair Mortar, a smooth surface must be obtained.
  • The surface to be attached shall be purified from the materials like dust, dirt, grease and paint.
  • In the areas exposed to sun, wind and heat, the application area should be moistened.

Mortar Preparation

  • Işıklar Flex Pool Ceramic Mortar shall be added to a container containing clean and cold water in the following ratio and is mixed with low speed mixer until plastic consistency is obtained. During mixture, formation of lumps should be prevented immediately.
  • The homogenous mixture is rested for 5-10 minutes and then is stirred again.
  • The mortar should be used without losing its workability.
  • Color : Gray - White
  • Dry unit Weight : 1350 ± 100 gr/lt
  • Adherence Tensile Strength
  • Dry Environment : > 1 N/mm²
  • Wet Environment : > 1 N/mm²
  • Hot Environment : > 1 N/mm²
  • Cold Environment : > 1 N/mm²
  • Skinning Time : 25 Min
  • Application Temperature : 5 °C ; 35 °C
Mixing Ratio Resting Time Standby time of the mortar in the bucket
25 kg, 6,5 – 7 lt water 5–10 min. > 3 hour
  • Adhesive mortar, steel after forming a thin layer spread over the surface with a trowel notched surface with a notched trowel.
  • Coating materials must be attached to the harrowed mixture within latest 20 minutes.
  • For the attachment of Coating materials to the surface, it is hit on them with the rubber mallet.
  • The adhesive process cannot be made after exceeding the workability period. In this case, the mortar shall be scraped from the surface and the application shall be repeated.
  • Prepared mixture should be consumed within 2 hours. The mortar with expired workability cannot be used by adding water, and the dry mixture.
  • The joints must be filled with ISIKLAR Special Flex Pool Joint Filer at the end of the below period.
Waste Open Waiting Time Ideal Application Temperature
Start Time Of Grounting
In Wall In Surface
4–5 kg / m² 20 min. + 5°C - + 35°C
24 hour 48 hour
  • Avoid contact with eye, mouth and skin for containing cement.
  • Do not add any additives to mortar (sand, cement).
  • Do not make any applications beside specified guidelines and instructions.
  • It should be kept in krapt bags of 25 Kg, on wooden pallets and the packing height shall be maximum 10 bags and in dry environments.
  • The bags which are not opened in appropriate storage conditions, must be consumed within 1 year as of the date of manufacture.